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    Handan Zhengda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.("ZHENG DA PIPE" in Chinese for short,and "ZDP" in English for short) is one of the ten supported enterprise by Handan city goverbment, one of the top 100 enterprises in Hebei province,Leading Enterprise of Hebei Industrial Cluster,one of the top 500 manufacturers in China, one of the ...




    Project Samples

    "Tianhong" and "Jili" steel pipes are widely used in key construction projects of many countries and provinces. They are widely used in oil pipelines, oil and gas transmission, water supply and drainage, tap water, fire fighting, gas, central heating, heating steam and other low-pressure fluid transmission and support, threading, steel structure, cold-formed profiles and other purposes.

    News bulletin

    Culture is the spiritual pillar of enterprise development. The broad and profound Chinese traditional civilization endows Zhengda with abundant corporate culture connotation. The company creatively puts forward the management concept of "treating people by Confucianism and managing factories by legalists".

    No.9, Juliang Ave, Cheng'an Industrial Zone, Handan, Hebei
    Qian'an Zhengda: North of Shuangma Road, Zhaodianzi Town, Qian'an, Tangshan, Hebei Province
    Shanxi Zhengda: Houbei Industrial Park, Houma City, Shanxi Province


    ADD:No. 9 Juliang Avenue, Chengan Industrial Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province
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